TransportBids is looking for high quality companies to participate on our platform.

Completely free to use.

Small nominal fee only if it leads to a successful transport.


Benefits And Features

  • New Business Opportunities - We bring transport deals right to your door. The rest is up to you.

  • More Exposure - Your company gets a public profile on our site that you can customize.

  • Increased Sales - gives you that "second chance" that maybe you would not otherwise get to refine your price.

  • No Obligation - No contractual obligations.

  • Email Bidding - Possible to bid from email reply.

  • API Integration - Possible to integrate with external systems using our API.

What It Looks Like

  • Real-time bidding console for professionals showing bid status and amount

  • 60 second grace period for retraction of bids in the event a mistake was made

  • Clearly highlights INOP transports and special notes written by customer

  • Optional email/text notifications sent for each event

  • Can integrate with any system using our bidding API

  • Free public profile page

  • Includes internal review system